You spend a lot of time honing your craft and creating great content. Now its time to get paid what you're worth! Your supporters will be able to purchase your video content (virtual performance, tutorials, short films and more) directly from you! What does that mean? That means you control how much you want to be paid in order for your audience to view your exclusive content. 

creating your content

When creating your content, you know what your audience like best. Grab your production team or even use your favorite recording device and start creating! Need inspiration? We would love to help you. Here is a demo of an event hosted by our CEO Ricardo Collins.



Interested in knowing what type of events that can be hosted? Check out our list. 

submitting your content

Submitting your content is easy. All we need if your to fill out our form, upload your content and create your stream flyer. ​

Example of an stream flyer:

Event Flyer Packed House Live

how you earn

Once you've created your content and scheduled your stream, now its time to promote. 

Promoting your stream is what helps reaching your loyal fans. You are selling to your fans directly. Meaning each ticket you sell goes back to you. 

Ready for your next stream? Submit your stream below.